blended Research methods for killer insights
(3 days)

Your brand team is all about qualitative research and your digital team favour the numbers of quant. In this workshop we'll explore the value of both, together. We'll work through ways to use these insights to evaluate how things are today and to generate strategies to get the business to where it should be tomorrow.  

  • Artefacts 101 from getting prepped to expressing insight 
  • Quant with Qual blending methods for greater insight 
  • Evaluative with Generative how to read product, market and business signals together
  • Running lean research 'in live' making sure your work is useful, used and knowing when to change the plan

Brand-led design thinking for a standout experience
(3 days)

In a world of digital transformation, it's easy to get drawn into creating products and services inspired by hype and generic best practice. In this workshop we'll explore brand experience design that results in unique products and services that no other brand could put their name to. 

  • Brand 101 unpicking brand values and converting them into design principles
  • Psychometrics and stances getting beyond demographics and into attitudes, emotions and 'jobs to be done'
  • Non-linear experience mapping auditing your experience from the outside in
  • Emotional Design applying brand principles to create function, form and flourish at every touchpoint

digital Leadership immersive with special guests
(1 day)

Digital leadership needs a different style, one that fosters a learning culture and knows how to organise for autonomy and velocity. Expect a day with tales from the trenches and zero powerpoint. 


  • Roundtable with some of London's most successful digital leaders


  • Employee engagement the impact of your internal brand on your bottom line 
  • Creating a learning culture by making sure that failures are optimised
  • Managing as a coach creating a high performing, self managing team